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My name is Salma Arif and you are here at my little corner on the web. LifeWeLive by Salmarif
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Charming bridges, scenic waterways and roadside trees give Hague a unique feel
Spring in the Hague is all about the Sun, fresh air and greenery all around

Living in the Netherlands for the last many years, I met a lot of people from so many beautiful countries and fascinating cultures. Being an astute cook myself, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing cuisine amongst my social circle.
Which I thought will be great to share with you too. You will find a wide range of recipes from different regions of the here!
tulips, bouquet, petals living in the Holland

Besides, I strongly believe that our body is an incredible piece of art and a great gift of God. We must do everything to protect and preserve it with care. For this, I will share my own experience on weight loss and great many tips for your health and well being.

So, for the above and much more including my random journals on my life and travels, please stay with me here and on my YouTube channel:

Do you have question or suggestion regarding best cooking recipes? Or anything else you want to ask from me? You may use the contact form here.

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