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Super Tasty Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe

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Bored of eating Biryani and Pulao every other day?  Today I bring a special & Super Tasty Nigerian Jollof Rice, an exciting African recipe for you :

A must try Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe

Recipe Ingredients Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe

For Chicken Stock:

Chicken – 1000 grams
Water – 4 glass
Onion – 1 medium
Galric – 6.7 cloves
Salt – 1 tsp
Knorr Chicken Cube – 1
Curry Powder – 1 tsp
Thyme – 1 tsp

For the Preparation of Paste
Onion – 1/2
Red Chili -1
Tomato – 1
Red Capsicum – 1

Tomato Paste – 1 cup

Indian Bay Leaves – 3,4
Thyme – 1 tsp
Knorr Chicken Cube – 1
Curry Powder – 1 tsp
Rice – 2 cup

1. To prepare stock, add in a pot chicken, ginger, garlic, onion, salt,  chicken cube, curry powder, thyme and water.
2. Boil it for a maximum of 5 mins Switch off the flame. Remove the chicken in a bowl. We will use the stock later.
3. In a separate pan, add oil and fry the chicken till golden.
4. Now remove the chicken from the pan. And add onion in the same pan, and fry till golden brown.

Final Stage

5. In a blender, add whole red chili, capsicum, tomato and make a paste.
6. Add this paste to the golden onion.
7. Now, add tomato paste, add all the spices (Indian Bay Leaves, Thyme, Knorr Chicken Cube and Curry Powder ). Fry this mixture till the oil is separated.
8. Add chicken to this mix. Fry for some time.
9. Add rice and 3 glasses of stock.
10. After 10 mins of cooking when the water is dried, place a tawa under the pan and cover the lid with a cloth. Steam on low fire for 15 mins.
11. Enjoy your own Nigerian Jollof Rice.
12. Serve with fresh salad, raita or plain yogurt.


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