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Mutton Mandi Recipe | Exotic Arabian Mutton Rice Dish

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Mutton Mandi is a traditional Arabic meat and rice dish with its origin from Yemen. One of the most popular delicious across the Middle East. It’s a combination of soft and tender meat with aromatic rice.
Mandi is an intensely flavourful, smoky and aromatic meal comprising mainly of rice that is topped with either meat, chicken or fish. This recipe is for the meat version, specifically tender mutton/lamb meat.

Arabian MUtton Mandi recipe

This is probably the easiest preparation you’ll see of mutton Mandi, and it is sure to give you great results- fluffy rice cooked at the same time as tender pull apart lamb shoulder, simple, just a little bit exotic and plenty delicious!

Lets begin 🙂

Cooking Time: 1 hr 45 mins
Difficulty Level: Medium

Ingredients & Method for Mutton Mandi Recipe


Mandi Masala:
1. Coriander (dhania) – 1 tbsp
2. Cumin (zeera) – 1 tbsp
3. Black Pepper (kali mirch) – 2 tsp
4. Clove (laung) – 2 tsp
5. Green Cardamom (sabz illaichi) – 2 tsp
6. Cinnamon stick (darcheeni) – 1
7. Bay leaves (Tezpat) – 3
8- Jaifal – 1/2 piece
9. Javitri – 1 flower
10. Star Anise – 1
11. Dried ginger powder – 1 tsp

Boiling Meat
1. Mutton – 1 KG (Lamb Shoulder)

2. Water – 2 liter
3. Salt (Namak) – 2 tsp

4. Onion – 1
5. Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves
6. Green Chilies – 3 to 4
7. Mandi Masala (prepared above) – 1 tbsp (rest will be used later)
8. Dried Lemon – 2

Marination of Boiled Meat
1. Boiled meat
2. Butter – 2 tbsp
3. Mandi Masala (prepared above) – 2 tbsp
4. Yellow food color – 1/2 tsp

Rice Preparation:
1. Onion – 2
2. Green Chili – 3 to 4
3. Chicken Cubes – 2
4. Mandi Masala – 1 tbsp

5. Meat stock
6. Rice – 2 cup

Almonds, cashews, raisins

1.First we will prepare mandi masala. Put all whole spices mentioned in a grinder.

Ingredients Mutton Mandi Recipe

2. Grind well to make a coarse powder and set aside.

3. Now in a pot, put meat. Add water and all spices (Salt, Onion, Garlic, Green Chilies and Mandi Masala)

4.Cook on low fire for 1 hour or till the meat is well tender.

Boiled mutton for Arabian mandi recipe

5. Separate whole spices from the stock and set it aside for later use in rice cooking.

Stock separate from boiled mutton for Arabian mandi recipe

6. For marination, take a separate bowl, add butter, mandi masala, yellow color food and mix well.

7. Spread this spice butter on both sides of the cooled meat.

Mutton steam for best Arabian mandi recipe

8. To grill meat, put the coated meat on a grilling pan.

Steaming mutton for Arabian mandi recipe.JPG

9. Grill until meat is golden on both sides.

Mutton steam for best Arabian mandi recipe (2)

10. Now on to to prepare rice. Take a cooking pot. Put cooking oil, add onion and fry till golden brown.

Onion fried Arabian mandi recipe

11. Add green chilies, chicken cube, mandi masala. Mix well.

12. Now add remaining stock. Add rice and cover the pot.

Rice prepation for Arabian mandi recipe

13. Cook till the water is dried and rice is cooked.

14. Put the steamed mutton on top of the rice.

15. Finally, to give this meat a smoky flavor, put a burning coal in the pan. And cover it for 10 min on steam.

16. After 10 mins, garnish with roasted dry fruit to give a perfect topping to an awesome meal.

Lamb Mandi Recipe

What to serve Lamb Mandi with:
I like a simple green salad, as well as yogurt with dried mint. You can also make a yogurt salad with cucumbers.

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