Life in Holland

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Biking in Holland | Why Bicycles Are Popular in Netherlands


Life in Holland

It’s been quite an adventure living in the Netherlands over the past 12 years and it’s long overdue that I share with everyone what kind of experience living in this beautiful country can be, especially when it’s in the famous city of the Hague. The charming streets, elegant rivers and amazing flower fields make a fantastic first impression.

I really can’t remember what it felt like to not know what life in the Netherlands is like. There are certain aspects of the country that are completely unique, and only something you can truly understand if you have experienced it for yourself. The great cuisine, that beckons itself to you is such a tempting treat and still overrun by the healthy lifestyle that is brought by a country of bikers. In the Netherlands, the rich, gooey stroopwaffel or the amazing palette of seafood in the country is so good that you can eat them all day!

Still, here the country has a positive attitude towards the biking tradition. Special lanes for cyclists make for a much safer and easier way to get around. This way, all Dutch people have a special connection with nature that just can’t be shook. When we talk about the Dutch language, there is nothing to worry about language barriers. Simple phrases like ‘Ik spreek geen Nederlands’ or ‘Spreek u Engels’ will set you straight. The Dutch people are no strangers to confused foreigners who have no idea whats going on around them, they gladly and proudly speak English to your convenience, unlike some other European countries (hehe why to mention names when everyone knows them).
One thing what you just cant miss is that the Dutch have a great attachment to the great outdoors. In fact, they have little parks constructed in every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. And it’s no surprise, that the Netherlands is the second largest producer of agricultural products despite being a tiny tiny country.

The country is a small one, comprising of several provinces that border Germany to the East and Belgium to the South. The capital, Amsterdam is located in the North Western part of the country, with a chain of islands to the North. Interestingly, they also have some semi independent islands in the Caribbean. Netherlands has a history of trading, sailing and exploration.

They were the ones who sold New York to the British, which was originally known as New Amsterdam. They also had a large presence in South America and Indonesia. The centuries of colonization and trading made them extremely rich. Change followed from politics to royals, with Queen Beatrix abdicating in 2013 after a 33-year reign. The Netherlands’ national party, Queen’s Day, was particularly celebrated as it was tied to the coronation of the first Dutch king in 123 years.
Now the Netherland’s biggest nation-wide party celebrates King’s Day on April 27 (the king’s birthday), breaking the traditional celebration on April 30 that has honored the previous Queen Juliana’s birthday since 1949. Regardless, the Orange patriotism still takes over, where people wear orange shirts, hats, dresses and wigs to celebrate while enjoying the annual free market, as it’s the one time when people can set up shop without a trading license. These kind of little things that make the country so special are important to the people that live here. Because of this, such aspects will be shared in this blog series, my life in Holland.


Holland is a beautiful West European country of awesome people.
Its is a small nation of only about 17 million people.
Official name ….

Amsterdam is the official capital of the country while

Neighborhood of the Hague
Hague is the city of peace, justice and beauty

Known for its traditional windmill, vast cattle farms, tulip fields ….