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Hello visitors, I am Salma Arif and you are welcome to my little corner on the web. Guys, here I share my culinary knowledge I learnt by traveling around the World and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. If you are looking for a place to learn how to create & cook wonderful and exotic dishes, I tell you you have arrived at the right place!
Stick around and go on this wondrous journey with me! My pleasure. Want to know more About Me? Or scroll down to find exciting variety of recipes you will find on my site?
This Watermelon Lemonade Comes Directly from HeavensThis watermelon lemonade comes directly from heavens

Quick and easy recipe of molten lava cake

Quick and easy recipe of this degi mutton pulao recipe will make everyone your fan instantly.

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Indian Pakistani Cuisine
Nothing can beat the rich taste of the exquisite subcontinent. Look here for wide range of subcontinental dishes:

White qorma is a served on special occasions

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The mysterious yet enticing Arabian cuisine is required to be explored the most!

Taste Saudi Chicken kabsa like never before

Ramzan Special Corner
Ramzan is a month of blessings and festivity. Food table is full of inventive ideas and exotic dishes. Don’t miss any of these!

Iftar is incomplete without Aloo Pakora

Chicken Dishes
Find here the the dishes made of the most favorite bird in the World. Culinary variety here is just overwhelming.

KFC Style Chicken Hot Shots is one of the best foods for kids who are choosy in their diet.

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