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Homemade Condensed Milk | How to Make It Best | Eid Special

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Sweetened homemade condensed milk is delicious on its own, but once you see it transformed into everything from traditional sweet dishes to virtually all sweet baked items, you’ll realize its actual importance. This easily made milky sweet liquid is the perfect rich ingredient to keep at hand with you all the times. So, add a satisfying sweetness to your coffee or whip up a creamy ice cream. There are endless dessert possibilities.

Quick Recipe Homemade Condensed Milk Preparation Time: 40 mins
Difficulty Level: Easy

Make the most of this recipe of condensed milk and transform an average dessert into a very spacial one! Lets begin:

Ingredients & Method for Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe


Easy Recipe for Homemade Condensed Milk 1. Milk (Doodh) – 2 cup
2. Sugar (Cheeni) – 1/2 cup
3. Baking Soda – A pinch (sweet)


1. Take a large pot and pour the milk inside, then add the sugar.
2. Mix the milk till sugar is dissolved

Authentic Homemade Condensed Milk

3. Put the pot on low flame and leave it to cook for 20 min
4. Add a pinch of baking soda and then leave to cook for 15 more min
5. Your homemade condensed milk is ready, transfer it to an airtight jar. Feel free to use it in as many desserts as you want.Easy Recipe Homemade Condensed Milk

Where to use your homemade condensed milk

1. From all sweet baked items to classical desserts to modern sweet dishes, condense milk will come in handy to you.
2. Just a small drizzle of this milk will transform ordinary dishes into something which everyone would love to eat.

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