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Daal Masoor Tarhka Special Recipe | How to Make it

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Daal Masoor is a popular lentil based dish from the North Indian Cuisine and is often made in Pakistani and Indian homes. There are a lot of lentils used in Asian cuisine in a variety of ways.
Daal is the generic term used for all lentils in Asia. Also the soup or stew like preparation made with any lentil is called as daal. A tarhka is a cooking method where spices and other aromatics are cooked briefly in hot oil to bring out their best flavor.

Authentic Recipe Masoor Lentil al Masoor Tarhka Special How to Make it

Preparation Time: 45 mins
Serving: 5-6
Difficulty Level: Easy

This daal masoor recipe is gluten free, high in fiber and protein, low in fat and calories, and packed with flavor. Flavor and the aroma of this daal is out of this world. Lets begin šŸ™‚

Ingredients & Method for this Daal Masoor Tarhka Recipe


1. Daal masoor – 1 cup
2. Water – 1 liter
3. Salt (namak) – 2 tsp
4. Red chili powder (lal mrich) – 2 tsp
5. Turmeric (haldi) – 1/2 tspIngredients for Masoor Lentil Tarhka Special Recipe How to Make it

1. Onion ( Piyaz) – Half sliced
2. Garlic ( Lahsan) – 1 whole grated
3. Cumin ( Zeera) – 1 tsp
4. Whole Red Chili – 1 tsp
5. Bay leaves ( Taiz pat) – 2
6. Green Chilies and Fresh CorianderIngredients for tarhka Daal Masoor Tarhka Special Recipe How to Make it.JPG


1. Wash your daal with water 3 to 4 times.
2. Once the lentil is rinsed, add them to the pot with fresh water.
3. Add red chili , salt and turmeric. Cover for 30 mins.
4. After 30 mins, if you prefer thin daal then add little more water. But this ratio of daal and water is perfect for little bit thick consistency.Authentic daal recipe - Masoor Tarhka Special Recipe How to Make it.JPG 5. Put daal on low fire while preparing tarhka.

Preparation of Tarhka:

6. Heat oil in a pan, add onion. Fry till golden brown.
7. Add garlic, mix well. Add bay leaves and cumin. Fry till garlic turn golden
8. Add whole red chilies and fresh green chili.
9. Fry for 30 sec. Tarhka is ready.Tarhka Ready for Daal Recipe - Masoor Tarhka Special Recipe How to Make it 10. Add this tarhka to daal and cover immediately.
11. Cook for another 5 mins on low fire with tarhka so the aroma , daal and all spices well combine together.
12. Serve with boil rice. Salad and home made achar go perfect with it.Daal Masoor Tarhka Special Recipe How to Make it

Bonus Tips for Daal Masoor Tarhka

1. If you are health conscious you can have this as a soup with less oil in tarhka or you may use olive oil.
2. One bowl fresh salad and enjoy your healthy meal.

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