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Creamy Italian Tiramisu

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One can’t claim to be good cook without having Italian cuisine in one’s armory. This Creamy Italian Tiramisu recipe will impress to whoever you will serve this dish with. A must dish to learn!

One cant claim to be good cook without having Italian cuisine in one’s armory

Recipe Ingredients:

Cream – 200 grams
Cream Cheese – 200 grams
Cocoa Powder – To sprinkle
Black Coffee – 1 cup
Lady Finger Biscuits – 15 to 20 (or any non sweet biscuit)
Powdered Sugar – 1 tsp
Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
Condensed Milk – 4 tbsp

1. Take a mixing bowl and place it in the refrigerator for at least 60 mins.
2. Also place cream in the refrigerator for at 60 mins.
3. With chilled bowl and cream, your cream will be whipped easily.
4. After 60 min, put chilled cream in the chilled bowl and add sugar. Whip the cream with a beater.
5. Whip till it is light and fluffy.
6. Now add cream cheese, vanilla essence and condensed milk.
7. Mix well with a spatula or whip it a beater. The batter is ready.
8. Now prepare black coffee, with one cup of hot water and one tsp full of instant coffee.


9. With both batter and coffee ready, now take a dish for assembling.
10. Dip your tiramisu biscuits in the coffee not more than second, and place in the assembling dish. Cover the bottom of dish with a layers of soaked biscuits.
11. Now add the cream cheese batter all over the biscuits.
12. Dust the batter with cocoa powder, place it in refrigerator for good 3 to 4 hours.
13. Serve chilled with a hot cup of black coffee.
14. Kids love tiramasu with a cup of milk.

Enjoy your Creamy Italian Tiramisu šŸ™‚

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