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Charsi Mutton Karahi Recipe, Peshawari Namak Mandi Karahi

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Unique and rich taste charsi mutton karahi is one dish to die for. It is salty, with a pinch of pepper and rocks with fatty taste, it is not very spicy and but an extremely nice meal for dinner. The flavor of green chilies and aroma takes the taste of this charsi karahi to another level.
The recipe originates from the northern areas of Pakistan. The people of Peshawar have a large variety of recipe of karahi as well. But Charsi karahi recipe origin is basically the northern areas like Naran, Kaghan, Kashmir and other areas.
The food from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is extremely unique and special in it’s own way. It is simple, cooked with minimum spices and presented in it’s purest form, without any need of chutneys and condiments.

Charsi Lamb Karahi Recipe

Cooking Time: 1 hour
Servings: 3-4
Difficulty Level: Easy

Ingredients & Method for Charsi Mutton Karahi Recipe


1. Mutton with bones and fat – 1 kilogram
2. Water (Pani) – 1/2 litre or as required
3. Garlic (Lehsan) – 1 full
4. Salt (Namak) – 1 tsp
5. Black pepper crushed (Kutti kali mirch) – 1 tsp
6. Green chilies ( Sabaz mirch) – 5 to 6
7. Tomatoes (Tamatar) – 4 large

Green chilies
Fresh coriander

Charsi Mutton Karahi Recipe


1. Take a pan and put mutton in it. Mutton with fats and bones is best suitable for this dish.

Charsi Mutton Karahi Recipe, Pakistan Style Lamb Karahi

2. Add salt and garlic to mutton.

Pakistan Style Lamb Karahi

3. Now add water to the pan, mix well and bring it to boil.

Charsi Lamb Karahi Recipe, Pakistan Style Lamb Karahi

4. Cover and cook on low flame until meat is tender (approx.45 minutes) and keep mixing in between.

Pakistan Style Mutton Lamb Karahi

5. After 30 mins, remove the cover.

Pakistan Style Mutton Karahi

6. Place tomatoes in between the meat pieces. Cover the pan again and cook on medium low flame until tomatoes are soft (approx. 20 minutes).

KPK Style Lamb Karahi

7. Remove the cover, and remove tomato skin.

Lamb Karahi

8. Mix tomatoes well. Cook on high flame for 5-6 minutes.

Charsi Lamb Karahi

9. This recipe is made with least amount of spices, we will add only black pepper to give it the unique taste of KPK.

Peshawar Style Lamb Karahi

10. At the end add green chilies and cook until oil separates.

Peshawar Style Mutton Karahi

11. Charsi mutton karahi is ready. Garnish it with fresh coriander,ginger and green & serve!

Charsi Lamb Karahi

This authentic Recipe for the very delicious lamb Charis karahi is a must try for everyone. One of few mutton karahi recipes that would make you regret why you did not try it before

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